Gift Sets

  • Taiwan Fruit Sour Ale Set

    • ABV: 5 ~ 6.3 %
    • IBU: 10 ~ 12
    • OG: 1.050 ~ 1.064
    • FG: 330ml*4 iteams
    • Color: Water, Malt, Hops, Yeast, Passion Fruit Juice, Orange Juice, Mulberry Juice, Kumquat Juice, Taiwan Wheat "Eighteen Wheat"
    • Grains: Taiwan
    • Yeast: Sour Ale

    Sour Beer Gift Set

    This gift set includes four sour ale we brewed with young Taiwanese artist XieChin. Each beer is brewed with an iconic locally-grown fruit – passion fruit, orange, mulberry, and Golden Lime. Each of these four sour beer is named after an ancient gemstone to connect us with our land and culture:

    Stone of Floating Fluorescence – Passion Fruit Sour Ale
    Stone of Twilight – Golden Lime Sour Ale
    Stone of Yearning – Orange Sour Ale
    Stone of Sobriety – Mulberry Sour Ale

  • 2018 Spring Blossom Gift Set

    • ABV: 4.5 ~ 6.9 %
    • IBU: 18 ~ 30
    • OG: 1.044 ~ 1.056
    • FG: 330ml*5 bottles + "Yin Fang" beer glass
    • Color: Water, Malt, Hops, Yeast, Taiwan Wheat "Eighteen Wheat", Taiwan Jasmine flower, Taiwan asiatic wormwood
    • Grains: Taiwan

    “Minor Snow” Taiwan Weizenbock
    “Minor Heat” Jasmine Session Ale
    “Start of Summer” American Pale Ale
    “Summer Solstice” American Taiwan Wheat Beer
    “Clear And Bright” Rauchbier

    [ Award ]

    “Minor Snow”
    2017 International Beer Cup, Japan (IBC) Silver; 2017 International Beer Challenge, England (IBC) Silver; 2017 Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA) Sliver

    “Minor Heat”
    2017 World Beer Award (WBA) Taiwan Winner

    “Start of Summer”
    2017 World Beer Award (WBA) Design Gold
    2017 World Beer Award (WBA) Taiwan Winner; 2017 Asia Beer Award, Singapore (ABA) Bronze

    “Clear And Bright”
    2017 World Beer Award (WBA) Taiwan Winner