Beer Head Brewery Live Shot 2

Do you think winemakers just hide in the winery and drink secretly every day? 🍺

Ajie looks so serious, what on earth is he looking at? 👀?​

▍If a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools​

To brew beer well, in addition to the passion for brewing, you also need good equipment to support it. Q3 The beer head brewery that is about to open uses German GEA equipment. Thomas, the original factory technician, came to Taiwan to assist in the installation of the equipment. Although the brewery is not yet officially brewing, the waterway must be tested properly to make the future production smoother. 👨🏻‍🔧✅


▍The slightest difference is a thousand miles lost​


Each time the raw materials are put into the wine tank, the output is at least several tons. In addition, fermentation also requires a long wait. If any step goes wrong, the entire pot of beer will be ruined. Every bottle of beer is like a work of art. The brewers strictly control every step so that consumers will not buy it. [Xiaoman] Today it is winter melon, next time it will be watermelon. 👨‍🔬🈵


Ajie is carefully studying the waterway test situation and treats the equipment as seriously as he treats his own children (his children said👶🏻⁉️)