Chocolate Stout


As we enter "Xiao Han," it's arguably the coldest season of the year, where all creatures hibernate, awaiting the passing of winter. An ancient proverb says, "Geese head north, magpies start nesting," signifying the geese's intuition to migrate towards the north and the magpies' anticipation of the end of winter, signaling the start of nest-building.

"Xiao Han" beer starts with an English-style Stout as its base, infused with carefully selected cocoa beans from Pingtung's Quanming Green Fruit Society by "Terra," along with whey from Lab Man Mano's cheese-making process. This combination enhances the deep-roasted malt aroma with the cocoa's low-temperature roasting, producing a rich blend of woody, spicy, and chocolate flavors. Coupled with the smoothness of fresh whey, this beer harmonizes to create a winter brew that belongs uniquely to Taiwan.

2016 日本國際啤酒大賽 IBC 小寒 銅賞
2016 日本亞洲啤酒大賽 ABC 小寒 金賞
2017 世界啤酒大賽 WBA 小寒
2017 英國國際啤酒挑戰賽 IBC 小寒 銅牌
2017 澳洲國際啤酒大賽 AIBA 小寒 最佳設計 銅牌
2018 世界啤酒大賽 WBA 小寒

  • ABV: 9.0%
  • IBU: 36
  • OG: 1.086
  • Ingredients: 水、麥芽、二砂糖、乳糖、燕麥片、啤酒花、乳清、可可豆、酵母
  • Style: Chocolate Stout Chocalate Stout