"Qingming" is a solar term in spring. "Everything grows at this time, and everything is clean and bright." It describes this time when flowers, plants and trees are flourishing, and the spring scenery is clear and bright. "Qingming Festival" is one of the four major festivals of the Chinese people. It is a traditional tradition to worship ancestors and sweep their graves to express the memory of their ancestors.

Every time we recall those sad and joyful past events, we will think of our original self, the people and dreams that once shone, and every bit of our memories is the force that leads us forward. Using German smoked beer Rauchbier as the base and adding Taiwanese mugwort, it has a warm taste and rich smoky aroma, making it suitable for wandering into memories.

Alcohol concentration: 5.5%
Ingredients:Water, barley malt, hops, yeast, Taiwanese mugwort extract
Beer type: German smoked beer Rauchier