"Light snow" refers to the cold weather with white fog and the second solar term of winter. At this time, the weather in North China became colder and snow began to fall, but because the snow was not heavy, it was called "light snow". "It's light snow when the air is cold, but it's still snowing. The ground is not cold yet, but the snow is not heavy yet." This describes the natural scene when the cold air has just arrived, the ground is still warm, and light snow is falling.

The beer head is based on German wheat beer (Hefeweizen), and partially uses Taiwanese Zhongdu Nong and domestic wheat, giving the light color and natural turbidity of "Xiaoxue - German wheat beer" the unique aroma of banana esters and eugenol. Bring a touch of warmth to this early cold winter.

2017 Australian International Beer Competition AIBA Silver Medal
2017 British International Beer Challenge IBC Silver Medal
2017 Japan International Beer Competition IBC Silver Award
2018 British International Beer Challenge IBC Bronze Medal
2018 World Beer Competition WBA Design Gold Medal

  • ABV: 4.5%
  • IBU: 12.5
  • OG: 1.055
  • Ingredients: Water, malt, hops, yeast, Zhongdu Nonghe domestic wheat
  • Style: German wheat beer Hefeweizen