Tie Guan Yin Tea Ale


"The rice is ripe and the fields are empty in winter." The solar term "Lidong" is the beginning of winter and the end of the busy farming season. The weather is starting to get colder, the vegetation is withering, insects are hiding, and all activities tend to come to a halt. Recharge your batteries and prepare for the coming spring.

"Lidong" has the unique caramel and fruit ester aroma of Belgian double beer, combined with the ripe fruit tea aroma brought by Jingshengyu-Tieguanyin's "medium fermentation, heavy roasting". "Heavy as iron, face as Guanyin" is the best interpretation of this winter beer.

2016 World Beer Competition WBA Taiwan Best Vanilla Flavored Beer Award
Taiwan Best Herb & Spice Flavored Beer
2017 Australian International Beer Competition AIBA Best Design - Bronze Medal
2017 Japan International Beer Competition IBC Bronze
2018 World Beer Competition WBA
2018 Japan International Beer Competition IBC Silver Award
2019 World Beer Competition WBA